Mission Statement

GREENGOLD KUSHwear™, hereafter refferred to as GGKW, is a unique start-up clothing and accessories company initially created to support the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana, thereby reducing the over incarceration for cannabis related possession charges in America. We are simultaneously inspired to reduce the recidivism rate of those formerly incarcerated by building an employee base which we have extended to also encompass ex-felons. In fact, the core of our original graphics is the result of the newly copyrighted artistic genius of those who are currently incarcerated.

At GGKW™ we reward those dedicated to our success, regardless of their fortune or misfortune, by offering royalties and incentives or through the availability of outright purchases from incarcerated artists while adhering to the rules and regulations pertaining to the facility of their individual incarceration. We will also provide professional training opportunities for advancement and viable salaries to all those we employ.

At GGKW™ we will always stand firmly in support of the incarcerated and their successful transition into society. Why? Because someone should.

"Our mission is to enrich our customers’ lives while building a life for others."