Desperation Plan

  GREENGOLD KUSHWEAR is a trending new cannabis related clothing company that specializes in custom made t-shirts, artfully designed by extremely gifted people who are unfortunately incarcerated... most of whom are without income.

  However in the wake of that stark reality, GGKW was birthed by two former “GANG-STARS” who also happen to be currently in prison. On October 13, 2015 these gentlemen categorically changed the game by deciding to collaborate their genius and design a business from behind the steel curtain.

  Their dream became reality with the much needed assistance of one civil servant who emphatically believed in their dream by giving them a "hand up" and not a “hand out” in order to help them succeed. This silent partner is far from silent in her meaningful contributions. She is the heart beat of this company, and without her GGKW would only be a pipe dream.

  As an up and coming journalist, I’m very impressed with what this unlikely trio has built in such a short period of time, especially with all the obstacles they have had to overcome. I think even Bill and Warren would have to tip their hats to these dark horses.